Midas Liquid Chalk Combo Pack

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  • 👊GREAT VALUE – over a 10% discount with our combo pack so you get more bang for your buck
  • 👊GRIP AS GOOD AS GOLD – Midas Premium Liquid Chalk gives you that golden touch. With Midas chalk you will achieve new levels in CrossFit, weightlifting, rock climbing, tennis, gymnastics, and more.
  • 👊MESS-FREE APPLICATION – Dries in seconds and keeps the chalk where you want it. ON YOUR HAND! 🙌
  • 👊LONG LASTING – A thicker formula that will keep your hands free of sweat so you wont lose your grip. More efficient than any traditional powder and block chalk.
  • 👊PORTABLE – Comes in two convenient sizes: 200 ml or 50 ml. Easily carry or clip to your gym bag, harness, etc.
  • 👊CLEANSING – Premium liquid chalk sanitizes hands and kills germs for a healthy and worry free workout.