The Premium Midas Touch

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5 ★ Amazon Review

I love this stuff. I would not say I am some amazing climber, but I love it as a base layer when starting a route to get the coverage on my hands. And the fact that it's liquid means it's all I use when climbing indoors. No one likes that cloud of chalk when you're in an enclosed space. This stuff goes on easy, lasts longer than expected, and is genuinely great chalk.

Zane Veater

5 ★ Amazon Review

Amazing Product.
Used it for climbing but have started using it at the gym. I can’t do back and arms without it! Better than crappy powder chalk

John Claude

5 ★ Amazon Review

I was very skeptical, I workout in a gym that does not allow chalk. I work with weights and on bars so needed something that would not leave a mess or residue. This product delivers. Allows for a good grip, goes on evenly and does not leave a mess! Thank you for saving my hands!

Deanna B

5 ★ Amazon Review

I used to use old regular chalk and decided to try liquid chalk and this was amazing. I’ve been climbing for about six years now and this is my go to. The added color makes for a fun product and I’m always passing this stuff around.

I recommend this product if your looking into getting some liquid chalk. Also unlike some other liquid chalks there is not that overwhelming alcohol smell. Sometimes other formulas left my hands super cracked and dry but this formula keeps my hands in good shape.

5 ★ Amazon Review

Great product! I did 5 sets of heavy deadlifts on bar with the grip worn out and only had to apply once.

Definitely will buy again!