Midas Liquid Chalk...
...Works Like Gold

Use a dab of Midas Liquid Gold, and your grip is good for the rest of the set. The 100% trusted grip formula - includes hand sanitization - that provides the confidence you need as an athlete to perform at the highest level.

Dozens of 5-Star Amazon Reviews from Beginners to Professionals

Hear What Powerlifters Are Saying…

“I can't recommend this stuff enough! I only need a tiny bit at a time so this stuff will last a LONG time! When I eventually run out, I am definitely buying some more!”

-R. L. Guck

“Was very skeptical, I workout in a gym that does not allow chalk. I work with weights and on bars so needed something that would not leave a mess or residue. This product delivers. Allows for a good grip, goes on evenly and does not leave a mess! Thank you for saving my hands!”

-Deanna B

“As a pro strongwoman I know my way around a chalk bucket and this product is far superior to any other product I use. Whether on my hands for lifting events, on my shoulder, or my back it goes everywhere when I need it and gives me the control I need. I have never ripped my hands and never missed a lift due to slipping. Did I mention it matches my gold weightlifting shoes...well it does...#ilikemychalklikeilikemymedals....gold”

-M Edwards
Normal Chalk might last two sets

Expect Midas to last 3x Longer

Beyond Powerlifting...

Created to Reinforce Your Grip, Midas Liquid Gold Increases Your Performance Whether You’re a Rock Climber, Gymnast, or Crossfiter


As someone who uses Crossfit to get in the best shape possible, you understand that consistency is the key to getting the highest performing results you want. When you lose your grip, you lose your momentum. Let Midas Liquid Chalk be your companion to boost your performance with each workout.

“Never used liquid chalk before, always the basic chalk in gyms. I purchased my own gym and didn't want the mess so I bought this and wow this is amazing. I use suicide grip for everything and this chalk only helps me that much more. Will be buying more when I run out!” -Anthony

Rock Climbers

One of the biggest frustrations Rock Climbers face is interrupting their flow/momentum to chalk their hands for a better grip. Imagine improving your speed, balance, and focus as you’re as you’re scaling a record height? It’s 100% possible when you use Midas Liquid Chalk as your companion on each climb.

“I've been rock climbing for 5 years and this is definitely the best chalk I have ever used. Just a small dab on your hands will go a long ways. I like this liquid chalk better than traditional chalk.” -R. L. Guck


As a Gymnast, the pressure is on when you have hundreds of people watching your every move. The importance of having a long-lasting reliable grip is vital if you want to perform at your highest. With Midas Liquid Chalk, you can be confident that you’ll be at the top of your game!

Easy to Use, Clean, & Fast

  • Shake the bottle
  • Apply dime size amount
  • Rub in thoroughly
  • Shake hands - When your hands are white you're ready to go


Is Midas Chalk safe for me and the equipment?
Yes! Midas is safe to use an any lifting bar or rock climbing wall. It will also not stain clothes or equipment. Midas also sanitizes hands and kills germs for a healthy workout.

Doesn’t Powder Chalk/Chalk Ball give you a needed break?
Typically, people use powder chalk because it gives them a break in the workout, but the break isn't worth it when you're going to still lose grip strength faster because of sweat. Spend more time lifting and less time chalking.

How are you different than other Liquid Chalks?
Our product is created here in the United States using our own unique formula--including our magic gold-white pure chalk--which allows us to use the highest quality ingredients possible and lowest cost to produce. We ensure every bottle will give you your best grip so you can feel confident while you’re working out. It’s part of our “Gold Standard” that our customers love!

How often do I have to reapply?
Once applied, it will last several sets of your workout.
It will vary from user to user so only reapply as needed.

How does it work?
Simply apply - shake the bottle - Apply dime size amount - Rub in thoroughly - Shake hands - When your hands are white you're ready to go.

The Midas Liquid Gold Promise...

Love it... Or Your Money-Back